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Sewage Cleanup Crew Palmdale

Article provided by: Only One Kind LLC

Sewage Cleanup Crew Palmdale

Sewage spills occur when wastewater leaks from a broken pipe or backs up and overflows through toilets and drains. If not contained quickly, the overflow may enter a drainage system and contaminate the water. Sewage has harmful microorganisms like protozoa, bacteria, and viruses. Coming into direct contact with sewage or even surfaces contaminated by sewage can lead to illnesses such as gastroenteritis. Thus sewage spillages should be addressed immediately. If you’re looking for the leading sewage cleanup crew in Palmdale, look no further. At Only One Kind Restoration, we offer services for sewage damage in Palmdale, CA.

How to Handle Sewage Spillage

Clean up after a spillage should begin as soon as possible to minimize the risks it poses. In case of a sewage spill, following the correct steps when handling the sewage spill is crucial. Here are tips for sewage spill cleanup:

  • Immediately keeps kids and pets away
  • Avoid coming into direct contact with the sewage
  • Put on protective clothing

Act Swiftly

Promptly calling professionals when there’s sewage overflow is vital because of the safety, health, as well as cross-contamination risks involved. Each member of our sewage cleanup crew in Palmdale at Only One Kind Restoration wears rubber gloves, rubber boots, a bodysuit, goggles, and a mask while on sewage cleanup. These items are thoroughly disinfected to kill any bacteria before they are used on the next call.

Steps to Clean Up the Sewage Spills

Small, large, outdoor, and indoor spillages should be handled differently.

It’s recommended you call professionals like us at Only One Kind Restoration for the finest sewage cleanup services in Palmdale to handle major sewage spills. However, smaller spillages can be easier to handle by yourself as long as safety measures are followed. Before cleaning any sewage spills, our experts isolate the contaminated area to prevent further spread of contamination. All items that can be disinfected later are moved to a different isolated location.

If the sewage spill is small:

  • Sprinkle garden lime over all affected areas until they are all covered.
  • Leave the lime for 24 hours.
  • When it has dried, shovel the sewage and lime and put it in trash bags.
  • Use a hose to wash off the remnants away from the ground.
  • Let the area sundry for a whole day (This applies during sunny seasons only).
  • If you see any white dust, water it until it disappears.

If the spill is significant, or there is no sun:

Contact an approved sewage cleanup company like ours to handle it. At Only One Kind Restoration, we offer second to none Palmdale CA sewage cleanup services. We get rid of the mess safely and leave your property good as new.

Cleaning and Sanitization

After the wastewater has been contained, our crew always cleans and sanitizes all contaminated items that are recyclable. They use hot water to clean the walls, floors, and surfaces together with bleaching agents. Opening the windows to aerate the room if the contamination was indoors is also crucial. Our experts will help you discard any foods that may have been contaminated to avoid diseases. They will also advise you on the way forward and how to safely salvage the goods you can.

Using our professional services will help you avoid the various hazards of sewage spills and restore your property to its pre-sewage spill condition in the shortest time possible. Our experts will efficiently and promptly respond to your situation. What’s more, we have advanced equipment, technical know-how, and specialized cleaning products to do a thorough, satisfactory job.

Best Sewage Cleanup Experts at Your Service

At Only One Kind Restoration, we offer the best water damage restoration services when it comes to sewage spills. If you’re looking for a reputable sewage cleanup crew in Palmdale, contact Only One Kind Restoration for a free quotation, inspection, or schedule service on 661-537-5286.

Sewage Cleanup Crew Palmdale

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Sewage Cleanup Crew Palmdale

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