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Home Replacement Windows Cost Lubbock

Replacement Windows Cost Lubbock

Replacement Windows Cost Lubbock

Once you have decided your Lubbock home needs replacement windows, no matter the reason, the next step is to weigh out windows prices. Figuring out the amount your replacement windows will cost you involves numerous variables, and companies can’t list all their replacement windows prices on their websites. In this guide, we’ll list the price of different replacement windows so that you can explore all your options.

Average Replacement Windows Cost Lubbock

The #1 step you need to take when determining the cost of replacement windows is to figure out the types of windows you need. If you’re working on a strict budget, you may want to tally up the type of replacement window you can afford.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are similar to single-hung, but the difference is that double-hung windows move at the upper and lower sashes to open. This type of replacement window can anywhere from $150 to $650 on average. Glass style options, multiple grid options, color options, and durability make this type of windows an excellent choice for homeowners in Lubbock. 

Sliding Windows 

Sliding windows are a good option for homeowners who want to keep unobstructed views but still want fresh airflow. Most homeowners in Lubbock love sliding windows because they’re available in different design options and can be customized to suit their home or any space. Depending on the material and size, sliding windows can range from $150-$800.

Awning & Casement Windows

Awning and casement windows are a terrific option for homeowners in Lubbock. They offer total flexibility without sacrificing the security of your home when you want to open your windows for maximum airflow inside your home. The awning style and hinge on a casement window allow ventilation, even on rainy days. Depending on material and size, casement windows cost from $150 to $1000.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows offer a gorgeous look that can add incredible depth and light to the special rooms in your home. Custom built by hand, this type of replacement window comes in different inlay and woodgrain options. With a wide price range of $1000 to $4500 for a bow window and around $1800 for a bay window, these are the windows you can splurge on if you have the fund. 

Contact Quality Exteriors For Window Replacements In Lubbock

 It’s time to get started with your window replacements project now that you have a good idea about the cost of replacement windows in Lubbock. Here at Quality Exteriors, We can help you select the right replacement window for your home and get them installed. All our installers are factory-trained, so you can feel comfortable knowing your window will be installed right the first time. We offer personalized service, prompt warranty support, and affordable pricing on replacement windows.

Ready to get a quote? Contact us today at 806-792-2400. We can explain to you in detail the difference in replacement windows and provide you with the exact price based on what you want and what your home needs.

Replacement Windows Cost Lubbock

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Replacement Windows Cost Lubbock

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