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Battery Backup For Freezer

Article provided by: Freezer Concepts

Battery Backup For Freezer

You probably do not spend a lot of time thinking about the power supply to your freezer. The truth about the power supply is that it is not always as accurate as we like to assume. Variances in power supply can lead to damage of delicate electrical features. A battery backup for freezer will protect the fridge against the following variations:

Types of power variances

  • Spikes – a quick and short-lived rise in voltage
  • Surges – This is a massive increase in power and lasts longer than a peak
  • Brownouts – This happens when there is an enormous drop in energy that lasts for an extended period
  • Noise interference – Magnetic interferences cause electrical interruptions as it occurs when there is an unstable radio frequency

Places that require a backup device

Using a battery backup not only protects the freezer’s part, but it also keeps the projects safe and healthy. Some areas cannot afford to have a power variance or power outage because they hold hundreds of lives by the thread. Freezers are available in some of these critical health centers. Here are a few places that could use the power saving device:

  • Pediatric centers
  • Military immunization units and DHAs
  • Pharmaceutical firms
  • Fertility clinics
  • Hospital medication stores
  • Off-site hospital locations
  • Multi-special group centers
  • Cancer centers

How to choose the right battery backup

You have to identify the specs of the fridge as well as the freezer.

Identify the freezer’s power consumption rating

This value is the amount of energy used by a fridge. Freezers run on and off in a cycle because they have compressors that do not run full time. The amount used will be substantially lower than the indicated watts.

While household fridges observe the indicated efficiency rating, the commercial freezers will often exceed the percentage. Nonetheless, it is essential to give this number to your battery vendor along with the name of the fridge.

Identify the fridge’s startup amps

This quality is the amount of energy it takes to start up the refrigerator. The UPS will have a watt value that is five times stronger than the startup amp. The vendor will usually have a battery bank calculator to calculate the exact requirement of the fit UPS.

Surge and Inrush current

The freezer’s compressor has a rotor amp that is six times stronger than the power draw. Some fridges have two compressors. The setup means that the battery backup will have to draw the sum computation of both.

It is essential to settle for a battery that can handle a power surge exceeding the freezer’s inrush current.

Modified sine

Heavy electronics like freezers will often run on modified sines. Smaller devices will run on modified waveforms because they require less power. Ensure that the battery backup for freezer has useful details that it runs on modified sine.

Installing a robust battery product will give you confidence no matter the fluctuations of power in the region. It will save time from having to replace parts and sample work in the freezer. Freezer-Concepts will give you any additional details regarding the purchased unit so that you can find the right battery.

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