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Every year, thousands of homes, offices, and businesses install sliding barn doors that add a contemporary and unparalleled sense of style to interior areas. Specialty Doors and Hardware offers a premium collection of hardware and accessories. These products will enhance your home in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Sliding Door Hardware Kit

Specialty Doors and Hardware has earned a reputation for offering some of the greatest barn door hardware in the country. The immense variety of  options and awesome prices are just one reason to get in touch with knowledgeable staff at Specialty Doors.

One of our best-sellers is 402 Flat Track Hardware Kit. This system is among the most popular and requested orders at Specialty Doors, and it can even be considered as the original Arrowhead style barn door hardware kit. You might encounter copies of this system everywhere, but none of them reaches the quality of this American made piece of equipment.

Similar systems with the same quality are also available as Specialty Doors has in stock other amazing options like:

  • The 417 Cornered Barn Door Hardware
  • The 402 Flat Track Hardware Kit
  • The 403 Horseshoe and Double Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware Kit
  • The 407 Top Mount Flat Track Hardware Kit
  • The 413 Swivel Barn Door Hardware
  • The 416 T-Top Barn Door Hardware
  • The 418 Mourning Star Barn Door Hardware

All of these options, and many more, also include track, customized wall spacers, lag bolts, 1 pair of hangers, 1 pair of track stops, 1 pair of anti-jump blocks, and 1 concealed bottom guide. 

Barn door handles and pulls

If you’d like to keep adding style to your newly installed sliding barn door system, you don’t want to miss the appealing options Specialty Doors has when it comes to barn door handles. These are among the newest and most attractive in the market, and they are all available at affordable prices.

You can choose between the DSI-4253 Sliding Door Handle and the DSI-4251 Sliding Door Handle, both easy to install and ready to keep adding style to those interior areas. 

Regarding barn door pulls, there are also options from where to find that contemporary look you want:

  • The Agave Ring Pull
  • The Agave Barn Door Pull
  • The Cast Iron Barn Door Flush Pull
  • The 3067 Barn Door Flush Pull
  • The 470 Heavy Duty Flush Pull
  • The 72 Flush Pull

Heavy Duty Barn Door Hardware

For heavier systems, Specialty Doors also has you covered. We offer the amazing Terra M XL Bottom Rolling Hardware from Germany. This hardware equipment is suited for both glass or wood doors and is set to carry doors of over 800lbs. 

TheCavilock Barn Door Track is perfectly suitable for surface sliding applications with enough strength to mount and support side-track doors. This track bracket is accompanied by pre-machined fixing slots for a smooth installation. The track is pre-finished and supplied with fixing bracket, stops, and door hangers.

Also for heavy barn doors brought directly from Germany, we offer the Duplex Barn Door Hardware system with two wheels running along the rail. This system grants maximum support and it’s specially designed when using oversized interior doors. The duplex sliding system can hold up to 551 lbs. 

When you are looking for a specific kind of barn door track or even searching for a good old rustic barn door. Rest assured, you’ve found the right place. Just contact Specialty Doors and Hardware to discover our products and services: 1-866-815-8151

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